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The Aurelio Peccei Lectures & Dialogues-

Enquiries on the Challenges of the 21st Century


Thursday 12 June 2014 at 18:00 sharp


How the Quest for Mineral Wealth is
Plundering the Planet

Panel discussion with author Ugo Bardi, Professor at the University of Florence, President, Association for the Study of Peak oil and Gas, Denis Goffaux, CTO and Member of the Executive Committee of Umicore, Ernst von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair, International Resource Panel, Co-President of the Club of Rome.

Presentation of the English version of the new Report to the Club of Rome.
Will there come a time when we actually run out of minerals? Debates soar over how we are going to obtain energy without oil, coal and gas. But what about the other minerals losses? Without metals and semi-conductors, how to keep our industrial system running? Without mineral fertilizers and fuels, how are we going to produce the food we need?

Royal Academy of Belgium, Hertogstraat 1 rue Ducale B-1000 Brussels. Auditorium Albert II.
Doors open at 17:30. Access is free, but prior electronic registration compulsory. Drinks are free for Full members.
Associate members and guests are requested to pay 15 € p.p. by bank transfer on account BE16 7470 0377 8074 before 9 June2014.

The lectures are delivered by distinguished expert speakers with various backgrounds. They are followed by a dialogue with the audience. Drinks and informal get together afterwards allow for networking and exchanges of views. The cycle of lectures is named after Aurelio Peccei (1908-1984), co-founder of The Club of Rome in 1968.
An initiative of The Club of Rome EU Chapter, in partnership with The Club of Rome International Centre.

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