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Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 from 18.00-20.00

The Club of Rome EU-Chapter (Brussels) and the European Support Centre of the Club of Rome (Vienna) are pleased to invite you to the 59th Aurelio Peccei Lecture at the The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium of Sciences and Arts:

Geo-engineering a New Copernican Revolution.

An Ultimate Solution for Reducing Global Warming?

Professor Raoul Weiler

International Expert Group for Earth System Preservation IESP, Munich
President EU-Chapter Club of Rome, Brussels

About the Presentation

Humankind has acted upon the earth system for thousands of years, constructed a specific built environment, a different one from the natural ecosystem but at the cost of the latter; a new epoch emerges and has been coined the ’anthropocene’ .

One of its major objectives is to critically reflect on Climate or Geo-Engineering as a valid method for solving the threats of our planet in a foreseeable future - this century. The complexity of this objective is evident and requires a holistic approach: applicability of the precautionary principle, involving specified overarching sciences like thermodynamics, usability of ’small’ size pilot experiments, etc. The application of ’technological fix’ means last resort solution, that is when all other measures have failed or have not been successfully implemented by lack of political leadership.

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