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Thursday 23rd February 2012 at 18.30

Heraclites and the Four Fold Flow of Civilisation Serenity

by Dr. Jean-Philippe Cornélis

About the Presentation

Rather than addressing the buzz-word "happiness" and its self-centred subjectivity, a global anthropological approach to the "civilisation serenity" could enable us to consider and manage the four basic epistemological fields in which human beings realize themselves:

  • the objective one, with special reference to the exact sciences,
  • the subjective one with in particular the psychology of the deep self,
  • the inter-subjective one involving cultural, political and sociological fields,
  • and, finally, the transcendental one dealing with beliefs, religious, mythological or otherwise.

This broad inter-systemic and Heraclitean approach allows for better views on sustainability and long term tools for the understanding and management of our common future. Analyzing "the good government", i.e. the wall paintings of Lorenzetti in the Town Hall of Sienna, gives us outstanding lessons on the wisdom of our ancestors with reference to the questioned issues, giving us hints on how to deal with the eternal questions and dilemmas humanity is confronted with.

About the Author

Jean Philippe Cornélis, a Full member of the Club of Rome EU Chapter, is Doctor in Anthropology of Science and Techniques (Sorbonne in Paris 2003) with a thesis on Creativity, Imagination and Heuristics. He is the organizer of the civic forum Creatopia at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve on the topic "The humanizing regulation".


The Aurelio Peccei Lecture-Event will take place at the:

Royal Academy of Belgium (Rubens auditorium. Entrance A + D)

Hertogstraat 1 rue Ducale B-1000

Doors open at 18:00.
The lecture, starting at 18:30 sharp, will be followed by refreshments.
After the event participants are welcome to join the speaker for dinner (participation is at own cost).

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