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Thursday 26 May 2011 at 18:00
The Club of Rome EU Chapter (Brussels) in collaboration with the Club of Rome -European Support Centre (Vienna) is pleased to invite you to the 77th Aurelio Peccei Lecture:

Real Values and the new economics of change: an agenda of action to 2050

by Ian Johnson
Secretary-General of the International Club of Rome Former Vice President of the World Bank

About the Presentation

Economics and economic decision making has rapidly become divorced from real values. This results in sub-optimum decisions and the wasteful use of scarce resources: financial, natural, human and social. We need a major paradigm shift in the way we value the goods and services that will provide the most benefit to humankind. A revolution in thinking and doing is needed and time matters: a target to reorient our world economy is 2050 by which time we will witness massive changes to the way we live. We must start now with the kinds of values, policies and institutions we will need to bring us to a more enlightened period in our planetary history.

Forty years ago a book "Limits to Growth: A report to the Club of Rome" paved the way for an environmental movement that changed thinking. In forty years time we will reach the middle of this century. Will we look back with pride? Or will we look back and rue the opportunities we missed to change our world and make it a happier, safer and kinder place. The choice is ours.

About the Speaker

Ian Johnson, a British national, has experience in the areas of sustainable development, energy and economic policy. He joined the World Bank in 1980 and worked as an Economist in the energy sector and subsequently as an advisor in the Policy and Research Department of the Bank. In 1991, he was appointed to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and later became its Assistant Chief Executive Officer. In 1997 he was promoted to senior manager of the Environment Department and in 1998 he was promoted to Vice President with responsibilities for Sustainable Development, environment, agriculture and social policy. He was also appointed as Chairman of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).

Prior to joining the World Bank he worked with UNICEF and spent five years in Bangladesh. He left the World Bank in 2006 and has since then undertaken a number of advisory positions in the public and private sector. He is Chairman of a carbon market research company based in the UK; is senior advisor to GLOBE International and Chairman of its Land Use and Ecological Services Commisssion; was a member of the Swedish Commission on Climate Change and Development; and has acted as an advisor to the UK government, the UNFCCC and IFAD and a number of consulting companies. Mr. Johnson is an economist and has studied at the universities of Wales, Sussex and Harvard.

In April 2010, Ian Johnson became Secretary-General of the Club of Rome.


The Aurelio Peccei Lecture-Event will take place at
Club of the University Foundation


Egmontstraat 11 rue d’Egmont
ZIP Code: 1000
Doors open at 17:30. The lecture, starting at 18:00 sharp.

Doors open at 17:30, the lecture, starting at 18:00 sharp. The lecture will be followed by a cocktail reception (20.00 - 22.00) in honour of Ian Johnson.
Participation cocktail reception: CoR Members: free, Non Members: 20 Euro


An Article which outlines the presentation is available for download.

Mark Dubrulle introducing guest speaker Ian Johnson.
Ian Johnson during his lecture, attended by some 50 members and sympathizers.
Partial view of the auditorium during the debate following Ian Johnson’s lecture.
Some Board members welcoming new colleague Friedrich Barth. From l. to r.: Founder President Raoul Weiler, Treasurer Ludo van Oyen, Friedrich Barth, President Mark Dubrulle, Bernard Lietaer, Secretary Doris Forster, Viktor Sukup, Guido de Couvreur.

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