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EEBII –European School of Brussels
40th Birthday Year -Launch Event

Wednesday 12 November at 19:30

"Science, Politics, Reality"

On the occasion of its 40th birthday year the school starts an exciting year of events, welcoming back Michael Wadleigh (Oscar winning Director, ‘Woodstock’). He will be making a presentation about where the school might be in another 40 years from now. Looking back 40 years and projecting forward, the focus of the talk will be Climate Change which will have radically reshaped the planet by 2054 unless there is a fundamental political shift before then.

Ecological issues bring to the surface questions about the role of science, politics and economics in human affairs, subject of an open debate following the presentation.

The Homo Sapiens Foundation (UNESCO) which Michael Wadleigh set up with Dr Birgit Van Munster is endorsed by a long list of Nobel Prize winners, National Scientific Academies and other leading members of the global scientific community. The goal of the foundation is to promote sustainable human development despite political and cultural inertia.

The school has an Ecological Ethics project that has been running for five years with the support of this foundation and the Club of Rome EU-Chapter.

This free event is open to all public.

Venue :
Salle Polyvalente – Ecole européenne Bruxelles II
Avenue Oscar Jespers 75 – 1200 Woluwe-St-Lambert
Metro Roodebeek – Bus 29 direction Hof ten Berg


On Tuesday 12 November Michael Wadleigh (Oscar Winner, ’Woodstock’) gave a presentation at the European School in Woluwe to an audience of around 500, including VIPs from the Chinese Embassy, the European Commission, the Club of Rome and Eurocontrol).

"Science, Politics, Reality" focused on climate change - highlighting the sharp contrast between the depth of scientific data and the shallowness of the political response. Before an open debate involving the students, Michael presented the Ecological Ethics group in the school with a framed copy of a document that they managed to get outgoing EC President Barroso to sign.


This document asked Barroso to squarely recognise the problem of climate change. The group is now currently lobbying Hollande, Cameron, Merkel and Juncker to follow his example before the Climate Conference in Lima on December 1st.

A video of the event will shortly be available on Youtube, also on this website.

Pictures of event