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Tuesday 13th November 2012 at 18.00

The World according to Stanley Johnson: 40 years of Environmental Action

by Stanley Johnson

About the Author

Greenpeace medal winning Stanley Johnson is a British conservationist, crossing the globe to meeting local conservation heroes and the endangered species they are fighting to protect. He has been a pioneer of the environmental movement since 1970, a civil servant with the EU Commission and an member of the European Parliament.

As such he has been a priviliged actor and observer of the environmental scene worlwide.He is a gifted and captivating storyteller and the author of several books and articles.

About the Presentation

Stanley Johnson will take a broad bird-eye view on forty years of environmental action and policies, particularly in Europe, drawing lessons for the future of our planet Earth.


The event will take place at the:
Royal Academy of Belgium
Hertogstraat 1 rue Ducale
1000 Brussels


A summary of the speech is available for download.

For further reading we recommend Stanley Johnson’s recent book
Where the Wild Things Were .

Pictures of event

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