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Thursday, December 4th, 2008 from 18.00-20.00

The Brussels-EU Chapter and the European Support Centre of the Club of Rome are pleased to invite you to the 54th Aurelio Peccei Lecture at the The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium of Sciences and Arts

The World in 2025: A Challenge to Reason

Thierry Gaudin

President, Prospective 2100

About the Topic

On January 21, 2008 has been launched by the DG Research a working group of fifteen experts from different countries, including non-European ones, in order to provide to the commission views on 2025 foresight world wide.
The experts reports have now been sent to DG Research. One of these experts, Thierry Gaudin, who directed a similar task twenty years ago at the French Ministry for Research, will comment and explain the present visions.

About the Speaker

President of "Prospective 2100" an NGO aimed at designing world programs for 21st century.

Ingénieur Général des Mines, born 15th May 1940 at Neuilly sur Seine, France

Webmaster of ; e-mail

Diplomas : Graduated from "Polytechnique" and Mining enginnering school of Paris. Thesis 2008 (University Paris X Nanterre) : Innovation et prospective : la pensée anticipatrice

1966-1969 : in charge of regional development and research policies for the governor of the nothern region..

1971-1981 : in charge of building a national innovation policy in the Ministry for industry: patents, measurements, testing, standards, quality control design, technical information and regional netwoks to support innovation in SME’s. Management of innovation incentives, redesign of ANVAR, INOVA shows.

Member of the steering commitee of the "Six countries program on innovation policies" since its foundation in 1974 and president of this program between 1981 and 1983.

1982-1992 : Creation and management of CPE (Centre for Prospective and technological assessment, Ministry for Research and Technology), in charge of three missions :

  • international technological awareness
  • Prospective (foresight)
  • Assessment of research and industrial strategies

1993 : "Conseil général des Mines" (the highest assembly in civil service for technological assessment), member of the auditing committee of CNRS (the french NSF)
"2100, history of the next century" from twenty years of experience in technology and innovation analysis, T. Gaudin directed, from 1988 to 1993 a worldwide foresight combining approaches from social sciences, ecology and technology (éd Payot, 600p). A reduced version has been published in english "2100,Our specie’s Odyssey", quoted as "Our scenario" at the website

He wrote a dozen books on innovation policy and foresight, for instance :

  • L’écoute des silences : Listening silences (institutions against innovation) (1978)
  • Pouvoirs du rêve : Dream power (1984)
  • Introduction à l’économie cognitive : Introduction to cognitive economics (1997)
  • L’avenir de l’esprit : The future of understanding (2002)
  • Le discours de la méthode créatrice : creative method discourse (2003)
  • Que sais-je ? La prospective (2006)
  • Prospective des religions : Religion foresight (2007)

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