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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 from 18.00-20.00

The Club of Rome EU-Chapter (Brussels) and the European Support Centre of the Club of Rome (Vienna) are pleased to invite you to the 63rd Aurelio Peccei Lecture at the The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium of Sciences and Arts:

The Zero Carbon & Zero Waste Water House In a bio-ecologically acceptable way in the Suburbs of Brussels

Guido-Henri de Couvreur

This lecture is the third one in a cycle on Sustainable Urbanization and Cities, chaired by Pierre Laconte, President of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP).

About the Presentation

This realisation is a transformation of philosophical thinking and anthropological values into practice: meaning to change from a fossil economy to a solar economy, with the emphasis on decentralised energy conversion leading to a new building paradigm fitted in a new economic paradigm. Consequently some years ago the idea occurred to Mondo to design and build a ’solar house’, in the Belgian climate!

The project Solar 2002 was executed in a house in which the owner had been considering alternative energy conversion in mind for longer time. The main goal to do without ’fossil resources’ as energy carrier. Even better there is a considerable increase in comfort. And all the energy comes from the solar energy.

Special attention was paid to the used materials and the possible consequences as to their suitability, their production and recuperation energy, the consequences for health, and the reintegration into the natural cycle, when the living function will belongs to the past. A renewing-renovation project, which integrated all components into the building, has made the house more beautiful! Since ‘measuring is knowing’, this building is monitored on 52 parameters.

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