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Thursday 29 September 2011 at 18.00

To Be or To Become

by Dr. Marc van der Erve

About the Presentation

Based on a decade of research, the speaker’s new book To Be Or To Become, explores a new philosophical, scientific and societal platform. In sum, we will no longer interpret our world as a material phenomenon but as a wholly behavioral phenomenon, a view that promises dramatic improvements in the way we will run society. Yet, at the heart of - what other thinkers believe will be a "new Renaissance" - To Be Or To Become falls short as manifesto - a public statement of policies and aims. The speaker will investigate the need for a manifesto for the third millennium.

In his recent book, Marc va der Erve offers a radically different explanation of our world as a wholly behavioral rather than physical phenomenon, a view that promises dramatic improvements in the way it is run. His research explores the practical and the philosophical on the crossroads where the natural and social sciences meet.

"We stand now at a junction in history. It is apparent to many that reductionist science with its materialist values is losing credibility."

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About the Author

Author and architect of an iPad App for the assessment of societal and leadership cycles, Marc van der Erve is regularly invited to address diverse audiences on matters ranging from leadership to our ability to predict the evolution of organizational phenomena. After unraveling the physics of organization, he demonstrated our ability to predict societal developments. Marc van der Erve holds a BSc in Applied Physics cum laude and a PhD in Sociology. He currently resides in both South Africa and Europe.


The Aurelio Peccei Lecture-Event will take place at the Royal Academy of Belgium

Royal Academy of Belgium
Rubens auditorium. Entrance A + D
Hertogstraat 1 rue Ducale
B-1000 Brussels


On Thursday 29 September Dr. Marc van der Erve, Full member of the CoR-EU, delivered the 78th Aurelio Peccei lecture at the Royal academy of Belgium. He presented a new theoretical and practical framework of thinking for leaders in the third millennium, in a holistic approach. A very dense slide show based on his latest book "To Be or to Become" provided food for stimulating questions and answers. A highly recommended publication!

Slides from the presentation

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