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June 23rd, 2009 from 18.00-20.00

The Club of Rome EU-Chapter (Brussels) and the European Support Centre of the Club of Rome (Vienna) are pleased to invite you to the 60th Aurelio Peccei Lecture at the The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium of Sciences and Arts:


Belgium’s Most Ambitious Urban Project

Jo Vandebergh

CEO, Ertzberg
Benoît Broos

director Real Estate

About the Presentation

This demonstration project for urban developer Ertzberg is the largest and most ambitious urban centre development of Belgium. The Tweewaters district has a surfacea area of more than 11 ha and 5,000 people will be living and working there.

The use of 100% green electricity and green heating by the local energyp production in combination with the urban heating and the total ban of fossil fuels which leads to a CO2-reduction of 9,240 tons a year, make Tweewaters the first CO2 negative town district in our Belgium.

This new quarter is a model of a sustainable urban developmenwt, with local services which decrease family expenses and increase the comforts of life.

There is an available area for a park of 3.5 hectares. Furthermore the district becomes 100% carless.

With Tweewaters Ertzberg want to address all aspects that are embedded in our society and have an impact on the ecologica footprint: energy, waste, water, mobility, consumption built-up surface, services.

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