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Achieving the SDGs within Europe:
No Poverty Eradication without Environmental Action

Tuesday 19 February 2019
from 11:00 to 13:00
by Isabelle Thomas MEP
Past event

Achieving the SDGs within Europe:
No Poverty Eradication without Environmental Action

A public debate organised by the Club of Rome EU-Chapter
jointly with the EP Intergroup on “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development”

Chaired by:
Isabelle Thomas MEP

The Club of Rome EU-Chapter took once again an initiative to co-organise a public session at the European Parliament, together with the Parliamentary Intergroup on Sustainable Development of the European Parliament. It took place on Tuesday 19 February with an audience of over 100 people. This time the theme was : “Achieving SDGs within Europe : no poverty eradication without environmental action”. The panel was chaired by MEP Isabelle Thomas. Five high level speakers participated in the panel : Isabel Kempf, Director UNEP-UNEDP Poverty and Environment Programme; Céline Charveriat, Director, the Institute for European Environmental Policy and CoR-EU member; Vic Van Vuuren, Head ILO Green Jobs Team; Philippe Pochet , Head European Trade Union Institute, and Astrid Schomacker, Director, DGENV of the European Commission. The CoR-EU was represented by Chris Vanden Bilcke, Full member & Secretary of the Board.

All presentations, convincingly documented, proved the close mutual interdependence between social and environmental actions. Shortly before the start of the EP elections campaign, the meeting

thus gave a very strong political signal that simultaneous policies and actions on both fronts are indispensable. Tradeoffs of social against environmental policies or vice versa must absolutely be avoided.

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Kindly supported by the Foundation Labour and Environment

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Pictures of last event

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