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Cape Town - 5 November. Full video capture

When the Club of Rome joins the African continent for “conversations under the tree”, to cooperate, to unite and to find solutions, it becomes the “Club of HOME”, the home that we must protect together!
This beneficial atmosphere has led to constructive dialogues and unique moments.

Don’t miss the full video capture of the event on YouTube.
To help you go directly to your favorite topics, the precise timing of the
videos is available here-under :

Video 1

Go straight to 45’40’’ Welcome by Sandrine Dixson-Declève, co President, Club of Rome : Scene setting and Framing how we work as a platform and high Impact Hubs
1.08’45’’ : Keynote Luvoyo Madasa (Grand son of Nelson Mandela)
1.18’40’’ Keynote Address by Soichiro Fukutake, Honorary Adviser, former Chairman and
CEO, Benesse Holdings, Inc
1.54’00’’ Session 1 – Climate Emergency
1.56’15’’ Chair: Ian Dunlop, Chairman, Safe Climate Australia
2.09’10’’ Opening: Edgar Pieterse, African Centre for Cities (UCT)
2.28’20’’ : Panel/Debate: Henk Rogers, Video game designer, entrepreneur, founder of Blue
Planet Software; Dhesigen Naidoo, CEO Water Research Commission; Noam Lior, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania
3.40’28’’ Session 2 – Reclaiming and Reframing Economics
3.43’20’’ Chair: Stan du Plessis, University of Stellenbosch
3.49’00’’ Opening: David Korten, Author, Speaker, Engaged Citizen
4.13’20’’ Panel/Debate: David Ndii, Founder & Managing Director, Africa Economics ;
Kaddu Sebunya, CEO, African Wildlife Foundation; Tina Stridde, Managing Director “Aid by Trade Foundation”

Video 2

0.4’20’’ Introduction by Sandrine
Session 3 – Rethinking Finance
7’23’’ Chair: Mike Dorsey, Co-Founder & Principal, Around the Corner Capital
17’54’’ Opening: Peter Blom, CEO, Triodos Bank N.V.
26’05’’ Panel/Debate: Jinane Abounadi, Executive Director, MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund
Program; Kosheek Sewchurran, Director Graduate School of Business (UCT)
Tea Break
1.31’30’’ Session 4 – Emerging New Civilisation(s) Initiative
Introduction by Sandrine.
1.33’30’’ Chair: Carlos Alvarez Pereira, Founder & President, INNAXIS Foundation and Research Institute;
1.43’30’’ Opening: Paul Shrivastava, Chief Sustainability Officer & Director, Sustainability Institute,Pennsylvania State University
2.00’15’’ Panel/Debate : Wanjiku Muiruri-Mwagiru, Executive Director, SCEZONS; Sinegugu
Zukulu, Programme Manager, uMzimvubu Landscape for Conservation

Pictures of last event

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