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Aurelio Peccei Lecture 103rd
"From Farm to Fork” Sustainable Food Systems and the EU Green Deal

Thursday 25 June 2020
from 13:30 to 20:30
by An event by the Club of Rome-EU chapter in honour of Raoul Weiler
Next Event 103rd LECTURE

The Club of Rome EU-Chapter
in collaboration with
IPES-Food (International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems)
Agroecology Europe

”From Farm to Fork”
Sustainable Food Systems and the EU Green Deal

Royal Academy of Belgium, Brussels, on Thursday 25 June 2020, 1:30 to 8:30pm


1.30-2.00 pm Welcome desk

2.00-2.05 pm Welcome-Introduction, by Roland Moreau, President, The Club of Rome EU- Chapter

2.05-2.20 pm Tribute to Raoul Weiler, by Mark Dubrulle (Club of Rome EU-Chapter, President emeritus), Dirk Holemans (Oikos foundation) and Philippe Weiler

3 Thematic sessions introduced by a 20 minutes presentation followed by Q/A with participants:

2.20-3.10 pm A livable planet: Agroecology, a new path for European agriculture 
Introduction by Alain Peeters, Secretary General, Agroecology Europe

3.10-3.50 pm Healthy people:
Agroecology and the food system
Introduction by Stefanie Vandevijvere, Scientist, Lifestyle & Chronic Diseases, Sciensano

 3.50-4.40 pm Prosperous communities: Reforming the CAP for a rapid transition of European agriculture to an agroecological model
Introduction by Olivier Lefebvre, Manager and Financier

(Coffee) Break 4.40 – 5.00 

Time for action:
5.00-5.50pm Delivering on commitments: nextsteps of the “Farm to Fork” strategy Societal challenges of agroecology
Introduction by Olivier De Schutter, Co-chair, IPES-Food
Followed by a general discussion involving participants

5.50-6.50 pm Panel Debate with key actors of the necessary transition
EU Commission: DG Agri (high-level participation confirmed), DG Health (Ms Anne Bucher, TBC) & DG Envi (Daniel Calleja), Paulo Caruso Dias De Lima (FAO representative to the EU), Marco Contiero (Greenpeace), Pierre-Marie Aubert (IDDRI), Nikolai Pushkarev or Replacement (European Public Health Alliance), Monique Goyens (BEUC), Geneviève Savigny (ECVC), Representative of ARDO (agro-industry), Piet Vanthemsche (Independent Director),... 

6.50-7.00 pm Closing remarks

7.00-8.30 pm Cocktail dinner
Networking and socializing