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The CoR-EU Conversation Tables

by For members and selected guests

The CoR-EU Conversation Tables

For members and selected guests

With a view to stimulating cross-fertilisation of thoughts, knowledge and expertise among the members of the Club of Rome EU-Chapter, the Board of directors launched conversation tables over a topical issue on 3 February 2016, at the congress centre Amazone in Brussels.

Subject: “VEER-UP – Values for Earth Ecosystems & Resilience –Uniting People”. Facilitator: Dr. Anne Snick, Member of the Board.

Past tables

Wednesday 2 March:
“ What value can the CoR-EU add to the debate of the Sustainable Development Goals?”
Facilitator: Martina Bianchini, Member of the Board

Wednesday 5 April:
“ The Quest for Values: spirituality in a shifting paradigm.”
Facilitator: Guido-Henri De Couvreur, Vice-President

Wednesday 4 May:
“The Man-Nature Relationship and Environmental Ethics”
Facilitator: Prof. em. Philippe Bourdeau, PhD, Full member

Wednesday 8 June:
“L’Europe: un phare d’humanisme pacifiant?”
Facilitator : Dr. Jean-Philippe Cornélis, Full member

Wednesday 6 July :
“Staying Human”
Facilitator : Alain Ruche, Full Member Wednesday 7 September:
“From Faith to Fate”
Facilitator: Dr. Marc van der Erve, Full member

Planned tables

Wednesday 7 September:
“From Faith to Fate”
Facilitator: Dr. Marc van der Erve, Full member

Wednesday 5 October :
«Basculement générationnel dans nos sociétés »
Facilitator : Patrick Corsi, Full member 

The enriching experience of these past 10 tables incited us to review the concept and format. From February 2018 they are built around one or a few outsiders, who kick off the debate based on a brief functional presentation. A concrete and well-defined topic should produce a usable output adding to our thinking and leading to further concrete activities.

Though remaining within the overall legacy of the Club of Rome they will largely relate to the goals and targets of Agenda 2030.

Time for meeting must allow members and guests to easily participate considering their professional activities. Therefore, the tables will still take place midday, from 12:00 to 14:00, with a sandwich lunch. They should be a welcome break on a working day.

Number of participants - drawn from EU officials, business leaders, academics and CoR-EU members - never exceed 12 to 15 to ensure effective interactivity and dialogue.

In addition to these midday Conversation tables there will be more in-depth meetings of a different format: half day meetings starting or ending with a convivial meal, but with the same concept of cross fertilization between members and authoritative outsiders.