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Dear CoR-EU Members,

Dear CoR-EU Members,

More than a dozen of you and many sympathisers of our EU-Chapter were present in the European Parliament on 20 October for the launch of a study report at the request of the Club of Rome. It was co-organised by several EP political groups and presented by Anders Wijkman, Co-President of the Club. We also had the company of Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, CoR-EU Honorary member and Janesz Potocnik, former EC Commissioner, Chairman International Resource Panel (UNEP).

Upon my request, our fellow member Nadine Gouzée (recently retired from the Belgian Federal Plan Bureau) wrote a very readable summary of the meeting, which will be of interest to those present and – even more – by those who couldn’t attend the event. Please click hereunder to read it.

You will of course be informed of further events related to this interesting and stimulating reports.

With best wishes,

Ex officio Member of the Club of Rome
President & Executive Director
The Club of Rome EU Chapter CoR-EU