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Les origines et le sens de l’article 7bis de la Constitution

Les auteurs pointent certains enjeux de toute révision éventuelle de l’article 7bis en éclairant ses origines et son sens. Ils souhaitent ainsi éclairer les acteurs susceptibles de procéder un jour à...
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Who is paying the bill ?

(Negative) impacts of EU policies and practices in the world
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Growth is a dominant economic driver accounting for the wealth of nations and organizations alike. However, in the face of environmental pressures, widespread social and economic imbalance, and...
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Food Scarcity Unavoidable by 2100?

The planetary food production, although practiced since millennia, is quite complex. Holistic approaches are indispensable, however difficult to realize. Novel elements are used: the Köppen-Geiger...
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Money and Sustainability - the missing link

Bernard Lietaer, author, financial expert, and co-designer of the ECU (the monetary mechanism that later became the euro) presented compelling arguments to show that there is a structural flaw in...
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